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“MB” Marybeth Hanrahan

MB Hanrahan, Artist.

I consider myself a pop artist; My paintings and sculptures usually contain popular cultural references-present and past. My ideas are the best Art I make- I work in whatever medium is best suited to realize an idea.
My finest creations are the products of collaborations.
I paint murals, for my community, or with my community. A significant portion of my mural work has involved youth, from elementary to college level, in both the design and painting of the mural.
I often use collage in making art-creating visual “mash-ups”, pairing or combining an image from one source with an idea or text from another source.
The “Holidaze in MBUniverse”, 1996 to the present, are a limited edition photograph series, based on conceptual variations of American holiday cards. Otherwise, my photos tend to be banal observations of my interesting and often hilarious neighborhood, Ventura Avenue in Ventura CA.
I live Art- it is all about Seeing, Listening, Honesty, Serving, and having a good sense of humor. You have an Idea? Let’s talk about making it happen.